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Who’s that? – It’s a common phrase, heard from the mouths of many when it comes to the Indian freedom fighters. Apart from some famous legends, it’s difficult for all of us to name any Indian freedom fighter who laid down their life for the independence of our motherland.

Therefore, to educate people and spread awareness about these unknown freedom fighters, we started this series. We all are aware of the famous one, but there are so many people whose efforts are looked at right through. We aimed to put light on them and bring them the attention and respect they deserve. 


We started our series with a blog on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, which was posted on his birth anniversary. It was written by Ms. Prakriti Prakash. We learned a lot of intriguing facts about him. Like how he was an atheist and what his opinion was on peace and violence. 

Our second blog was on Shaheed Sukhdev written by Ms. Asra. It proved to be an insight into the life of this great revolutionary. Our series continued to bring to light the names of unknown freedom fighters who took charge of bringing freedom to their motherland. 

Shivram Rajguru was the next revolutionary in line! It’s a name that fades away behind the great works of Bhagat Singh. We made our best efforts to recognize the valiant and the youngest of the brave trio. How can we forget the sacrifice they made for the nation!

Bringing up the names of the Indian freedom fighters would have been incomplete without recognizing the contribution of the brave lady Bishni Devi Shah. Ms. Preeti gathered informative facts about the valiant ‘Devi’ and we came to know that she was the first woman to participate in and lead the movement against the Britisher in 1912. 

The next blog was written by Ms. Jyotsna on Durgawati Devi. An active participant in the movement against British rule, she was one of the few females who participated in the armed movements. She lived her afterlife as a commoner and did her part by opening a school for the poor. She has been duly recognized by the cinema and her memories live engraved in the heart of the nation.

In the last blog, we wrote about the brave Baji Rout. A boat boy from Odisha, who shook the roots of the British empire. His contributions made by him are stirring and inspirational for the youth. 

SKCF is proud that we attempted to write about the personalities who became the epitome of sacrifice. Let us all praise and appreciate their valor and uphold the virtue of freedom and dignity for the nation. 


The response to the series was humongous and positive. Our blogs reached people from all walks of life. From a student to a homemaker, this series garnered appreciation from all. The comment sections of these blogs are proof of the love our series ‘Who’s that?’ has gathered. 

On a final note, we would like to thank everyone for taking out time and for reading our blogs. In addition to our readers, our writers also learned a lot. The freedom fighters’ lives were thoroughly researched and summarised for readers of our blogs. We hope that this series brought some light to the lives of unknown freedom fighters.

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