Small Steps for a Better and a Sustainable Tomorrow

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What’s wrong?

For the last two centuries, the environment is degrading and each part of it has been touched in one way or the other. There’s no second thought behind its primary cause which is human disturbance and interference with nature. As we are moving forward in terms of technological advances, we are also moving further in deteriorating the environment. 

This modern technology is the root cause of this detrimental problem. Humans are exploiting the limited resources of this planet for their greed and not for their need. This alarming problem is looming on our heads and public health catastrophes are staring people into their faces because of environmental factors. In fact, the rush and chaos in today’s time have certainly accelerated the downward escalation of the environment at an unprecedented level. It’s high time that people take the problem at hand in a more serious manner and take action for the same accordingly.

Following is the brief insight regarding cause-effect and solution to this alarming problem:

It’s not only quintessential to aver the problem but also to find solutions for the same! Following are the few steps that can be taken to save the environment:


Plastic is non-biodegradable and therefore is hampering the environment the most. It is crucial to reduce the use of plastic in our lives as much as we can. Single-use plastic products like plastic bags, straws etc end up in the landfill or in other other parts of the environment. In fact, they suffocate animals to death as sometimes they mistake them for food. Moreover, marine life is totally affected by this and these plastic contents end up choking them. So instead of this, one can use reusable cloth or jute bags that are better.

In some parts of India, still, electricity is a luxury. By using energy-efficient bulbs rather than regular bulbs, one can save electricity.


Electricity serves mankind greatly. We must stop the wastage of power. The world will lose its light if there is no electricity. Moreover, careless behaviour by humans must be checked. We need to realize the importance of electricity to save ourselves from the darkness.


Pollution is a detrimental problem in this world. We can take small steps to bring a huge change. Whenever we want to cover short distances then we can do it on foot rather than taking a car. A better alternative is taking public transportation, carpool or bicycles. This will not only save the environment but will also save fuel. 


Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Cut down the things that you throw away and pertain to the 3 Rs for saving our natural resources and the landfill space too


What is important in today’s time is to take action. So try to volunteer for clean up drives or programmes and thus providing a helping hand for the betterment of mother nature. In fact, spread the word and educate other people so that they are aware of this alarming problem and hence get motivated for working towards the cause.

Move towards sustainable living by making small lifestyle alternatives like open up your blinds instead of using bulbs, use recycled paper, eat organic homegrown food etc.


Always keep in mind the fact that we have only one planet and thus one chance to live. Let’s not waste this chance or let it go in vain but let’s work together for a brighter and better future!!


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