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Dog Feeders Drive

A Heartfelt Initiative to Serve Stray Animals

“DIY Dog Feeders Drive” a heartwarming collaboration, under the project SSA: Serving Stray Animals, alongside Rotaract DPSRU and with the generous support of Pedigree, was launched to care for stray animals in Sangam Vihar, Delhi. The SK Children Foundation organized this DIY Dog Feeders Drive, demonstrating the incredible power of community spirit and compassion.

Dog Feeders Drive

Community Effort and Dedication

“He who feeds hungry animals, feeds his soul”- Charlie Chaplin

The DIY Dog Feeders Drive was a remarkable display of collective effort and dedication. Volunteers from the SK Children Foundation, Rotaract DPSRU, and residents united, contributing their time and creativity to craft handmade dog feeders. Each volunteer played a crucial role, bringing unique contributions such as bottles, posters, and extra materials, and together, they designed and assembled the feeders. This collaborative spirit ensured that the feeders were ready to be distributed across Sangam Vihar.

Profound Impact on Stray Animals

Dog Feeders Drive

The impact of the drive was significant, leaving a lasting impression on both the community and the lives of stray animals. Pedigree’s generous donation of dog food was instrumental in this initiative. Volunteers filled the handmade feeders with this nutritious food and placed them at various strategic locations, ensuring that stray dogs had access to regular meals. This initiative not only alleviated hunger but also underscored the importance of animal welfare, highlighting our collective responsibility to care for stray animals.

A Call to Action: Uniting for Our Furry Friends

Dog Feeders Drive

The success of the DIY Dog Feeders Drive is a powerful testament to what can be achieved when communities unite with a shared purpose. We extend our deepest gratitude to Pedigree for their invaluable collaboration and generous provision of dog food, which was pivotal to the success of this initiative. Additionally, we applaud the dedication, hard work, and creativity of all the volunteers who made this drive possible.

In the scorching heat of Delhi, where temperatures have reached a staggering 50 degrees, it is vital to care for our furry friends by leaving water outside for them. Simple acts of kindness, such as providing water and food, can make a tremendous difference in their lives. We urge everyone to join us in these efforts, showing that together, we can create a compassionate community that cares for all its members, both human and animal.

By uniting, we can ensure that no animal goes hungry or thirsty. Let us continue to awaken our souls by loving and caring for the animals around us, making a profound impact on their lives and ours. Together, we can build a world where every act of kindness counts, and every soul feels the warmth of compassion.


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