Road Accidents; The cause of concern

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~Raj Agrawal

Road accidents are unfortunately so prevalent in India, and the majority of these accidents are caused due to our fault. These crashes take almost millions of lives every year. It is important to drive carefully and follow traffic rules. Yes, it’s possible that if you are driving carefully on the streets that does not mean that others will do the same. There are so many incidents where it’s the people or the other vehicle that creates the havoc. But as the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure. We must always drive carefully and ensure that those around us do the same.

Causes of road accidents 

Distracted Driving

One of the most leading causes of road accidents is distracted driving. The number of accidents occurring due to distracted driving has increased in the past years. While driving your attention should be on the road not on reading messages, replying to texts, taking calls, reading, etc. Such activities behind the wheel can be fatal and lead to accidents.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or any other kind of drug is one of the most dangerous causes of road accidents. If you have had a drink or anything, take a cab or give your keys to a friend who can drop you home. Driving in a drunken condition can lead to dangerous accidents and also can lead to death. Drunk driving is also a serious crime as it can also cause harm to others.

Over speeding

It is quite easy to push the accelerator and increase the speed when you are running late and when no one is there on the road. Speeding increases the intensity of accidents and is proved to be dangerous most of the time. Hence, it is advisable to drive within the limits so that you can control the car even when you are running late.

Reckless driving often leads to horrible accidents. Take your time and remain calm behind the wheels to avoid unwanted accidents caused by negligence.

Not Wearing Seat Belt

It is essential to wear a seat belt while driving. Not only it keeps your posture right, but also reduces the chances of injuries during an accident. It also increases the likelihood of survival of the drivers without having to suffer any significant damage. Also, if you haven’t worn your seat belt you have to pay a fine.

Potholes and Bad Road Condition

Poor road conditions are unavoidable and very frustrating for drivers as they can’t drive properly. Be very cautious around potholes to avoid losing control of your car. Drive slowly when there is a bad road so that you can avoid accidents.

Breaking Traffic Rules

If everyone follows the traffic rules, then there will be no accidents in the world. The rules are simple, yet few people tend to break them often. Red signal always means stop. Even if you see no other vehicles coming, crossing a red light and breaking the law might cause a severe accident and also lead you to pay a heavy fine. Understand that life is more important than all excuses combined so drive safely for yourself and others.


To make sure our safety government has made some guidelines and our work is to follow the guidelines to avoid road accidents.

No matter how slow the cars in front of you must be going, there’s no excuse to get too close to them. Keep a distance from other vehicles so that you have enough time to react to sudden turns.

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