Productivity Analysis: Night Owls vs Early Birds

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~  Tejas Bobe 

Night Owls vs Early Birds

We’re all familiar with the proverb ‘Early Bird gets the worm’. But ever wondered why there is no proverb about Night Owls?

To understand the difference between them we need to understand what they stand for. ‘Early Birds’ are the ones who get up early and sleep early, while ‘Night Owls’ are the ones who stay up late and get up late. Now, the question is, why is there a comparison between the two?

Historically, society has accepted that early birds are more productive and succeed well in life’, while night owls are quite the opposite. Hence the proverb ‘Early Bird gets the worm’. However, in recent times, it has been observed that more people today tend to be night owls than ever before. There have been numerous scientific studies to date about the same. However, it has been observed that even night owls can be as productive and competitive as early birds.

According to Satoshi Kanazawa and his study, “More intelligent children are more likely to grow to be nocturnal adults who go to bed late and wake up late on both weekdays and weekends.” This shows that even Night Owls can be productive, a conclusion that is opposite to that of contemporary beliefs.

According to another study conducted by the University of Barcelona, Spain, morning people tend to be more persistent and less likely to experience “fatigue, frustration, and difficulties”. night owls, on the other hand, are more likely to indulge in “extravagance, impulsiveness, and novelty-seeking”.

It is also said that ‘Early Birds Wake Up With Smiles, while Night Owls with Frowns’. Early Birds also tend to be Proactive; Night Owls, on the other hand, are smarter. Another benefit that early birds enjoy is that they do most of the work during the hours that fit the world of commerce, allowing success to be in their favour. This is a significant advantage early birds have over night owls. However, all the points discussed are based on different studies, and might not be strictly applicable in real-life scenarios.

Personally, I think being a night owl is better than being an early bird. Sometimes, we can do work more productively at night rather than during the day. It is clear that being an early bird can be more beneficial than being a night owl. However, if working with the ethics of the corporate world is not a problem for you, being a night owl can be more suitable for your lifestyle. This is the reason why young people are considered to be night owls.

Depending on what kind of person you are, the choice of being a night owl or an early bird is up to you. However, no matter what choice you make, it is important to be focused on what you do.

Night owls and early birds are only means of denoting at what time people prefer to do their chores, at what time they can be more productive. But, in the end, what really matters is getting the work done. Different people have different habits, and in the end, it all comes down to the choices one makes according to their own comfort.

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