Olympics 2020

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~ Jiah Bhutani

Following a year’s delay, the Tokyo Summer Olympics are now in motion. All over the world’s best athletes are gathered together to thrive on the battlefield with a healthy game spirit. With a twist of unprecedented measures to be followed by all the members due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Olympics being held in 2021 

are being referred to as Olympics 2020. The organizers have declared that most of the international visitors are prevented from coming to Japan for the Olympics. That implies that mostly the stadium would be empty with a peculiar atmosphere. Tracing back to history it is found that the Olympics have never been delayed according to the records though they were cancelled by two world wars.


COVID Situation In Japan


Japan has a comparatively lower number of covid cases but a new wave of infection began in April. The athletes and the ground staff are being tested regularly. A section of Japanese is opposing the conduct of the Olympics amidst the pandemic out of fear of increased work pressure on Japanese healthcare. With a decreased number of staff and delegates coming from countries proper precautions are taken. Five new sports are added to the Olympics curriculum for reaching a more holistic and diverse audience. As of 31st July, above 130 of the 339 events have been outright, concerning around 9,000 of the 11,000+ athletes anticipated to participate in the games. Around fourteen gold, 13 silver, and 12 bronze medals have been allotted to the athletes who have also been granted Olympic Solidarity scholarships, out of which 836 athletes currently competing in the Tokyo 2020 Games benefit.


Celebration In Japan


The dedicated and resilient Japanese people have supported the Olympic Torch Relay most exquisitely, donating their old cell phones to be used to generate Olympic medals. One way or the other they are being engaged thoroughly with grand events. The youth of Japan have had the chance to interconnect with the 55 Olympic and Paralympic sports at Tokyo 2020 programmes. With the help of advanced technology and high-resolution cameras, the athletes are able to showcase the training and mindset required to become an Olympian. The multi-range of the programmes offered enables people from all age groups to actively participate in the Olympics. 


Contribution Of Bridgestone

Keeping the concept of sustainability in mind, the plastic waste collected from the public- approx 400,000 bottles of detergent has been used to make metal podiums in reconciliation with Worldwide Olympic Partner P&G. Bridgestone inculcating the eco-friendly environment are supplying products and services that have been designed to support earthquake readiness, building base and more. Bridgestone has circulated more than 800 non-motorized bicycles to distribute easy manveur to Olympic officials, staff, and athletes following the games. The tyres of these vehicles are non-pneumatic with a distinctive structure of spokes that reduces the risk of the tyre getting punctured and the need to be inflated with air. They have higher recycling potential than the traditional ones as they are built from resin. In the year 2014, Bridgestone connected with The Olympic Partner(TOP) programme which has its headquarters in Tokyo. They joined with the agenda of providing the best service to the people keeping the track of environmental safety. Ever since they are demonstrating their ideals through the support of Olympics 2020.


Influence of Technology


With the advancement in technology, an increased audience is attracted enabling more sports fans than before to watch, engage and follow the Olympics 2020. Not leaving behind the legacy on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok have generated almost 3.7 billion engagement in 2021. The Olympics’ social media accounts combined have a total of 75 million followers. Everyone in the Olympics is facing similar obstacles which unite them together. The fans from the comforts of their home are encouraged to share their good wishes to their favourite competitors via Olympics.com, @Olympics social media, social media channels, and RHBs. The live television services by RHBs help the athletes that they are not alone in this and also create the familiar environment of post-pandemic. In the face of the unique challenges of hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the organizers are making the best of their resources to use the power of sports and the Olympics to empower as many locals and establish a memory of the Olympics legacy. 


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