Loving Maths and Its Intricacies

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~ Aadya 

A beautiful quote by Paul Lockhart says, ” A good problem is something you don’t know how to solve.” But do we really apply this for Maths in reality? No. We do not. It is because whenever we hear the word ‘problem’, we associate it with the thought that it will harm us. Keeping in mind the same thing, most of us associate either fear or dislike towards Maths. And surprisingly, this conception has been passing on through generations. But have you ever wondered how mathematicians tend to love maths? Then let us try to redirect our approach towards this whole concept. 

What Is Math? 

 Math or Maths is the shortened term for MATHEMATICS. It is the study of patterns, shapes, and numbers. Whether we accept or not, but it is a fundamental part of everything in our lives. There is a great importance of mathematics in our lives as it helps us to understand everything logically and practically while preventing chaos.

Why Is It Unfavorable?

 However, students still do not favour Maths as a subject. The only reason behind this is the lack of determination and regularity to practice maths. People conveniently comment that they are not capable of doing maths, but they often forget the fact that maths is like another language which needs to be practised daily to get a hold of it. As a result, students become under confident and develop a dislike for the subject. Unfortunately, this has been going on for years that people have formulated a general misconception that maths is a dull and irrelevant subject.

Significant Benefits of Math 

 We’ve been hearing that maths is a part of everything in our lives, but we are never able to figure out how. We know that maths develops a sense of logic which gives us the power of reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, etc. All these skills help us in dealing with day-to-day situations and make us a strong-minded being. 

In addition to this, we should know that we belong to the 21st century that is the age of Data_science. Having said that, we are mainly surrounded by Equation and Algorithm, in one way or another. On realising the importance of mathematics and its relationship with constituents of the world, one shall evolve with acceptance and liking for it. 

 Changing Opinion Towards Math

 Human beings tend to respect and like things that matter to us and benefit us in a way. Following the same psychology, one can change his/her opinion only if the significance of mathematics in life is observed, realised and understood. Plus, the fear of students towards the subject can only be eliminated by ensuring concept clarity and instilling the habit of practising it regularly. Three small steps can make maths easier and appealing, namely-

  1.   Patience while learning a concept
  2.   Dedication and Determination to practice it
  3.   Being confident about your capability to do it

 How to Make it Fun?

 Everybody has a different way of learning new things. So, the best way to inculcate liking for maths in students at a younger age is to make it interesting for them. There can be many ways to do so. From doing the basic calculations while buying fruits and vegetables to adding up the last four digits of a car’s number plate, there can be various ways to practice maths in everyday lives. This would not only help the child to learn the concept but also enables him/her to connect and grasp the application of mathematics in real-life situations. 

In conclusion, Maths can be a remarkably interesting, useful, and relevant subject. All it requires is your open mind and hard work to be able to absorb it. Rather, it can be made more interesting by various innovative methods involving basic concepts and calculations. 

 Must Read : https://skchildrenfoundation.org/increasing-importance-of-coding/ 

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