Kamalpreet Kaur -A Champion

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~ Jiah Bhutani

The Initiation

Kamalpreet Kaur did not have much fascination for academics which led her to the road of sports. During her school days, she was asked by her sports coach to pursue sports which provided her a diversion from academics. In the year 2014, she began developing an interest to explore sports as a career and started with her initial training at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) center in the village. Her resilience and her passion for sports soon began to prosper results. She became the U-18 and U-20 national champions in 2016.

Obstructing the Odds

Coming from a not so sound family, Kamalpreet had to overcome numerous obstacles throughout her journey. As per the orthodox beliefs in India, it is expected that women should marry early and dedicate the rest of their life taking care of their kids and the elderly. This is being particularly followed in the countryside of India and pursuing sports as a career under such circumstances is beyond a privilege. Kamalpreet knew enough that if she doesn’t excel in academics, get into adequate college or be proficient at sports she might land into an undesired marriage. This thought made her drive to achieve the milestone much honed. She believed it would help her avoid marriage and get employment. Kaur with succor from her father beat all the odds.


By throwing past the 65-meter barrier became a two-time champion of the Federation Cup Senior Athletics Championships and established a history of being the first Indian woman to do so. In the year 2017, she placed 6th at the University of Games and finished 5th at the 2019 Asian Athletics Championship. She is the second Indian woman ever to qualify for the finals in the discus throw at the Olympics. She is an absolute inspiration for young girls in India who wish to pursue sports as a career. She was very much praised by the viewers worldwide when she finished in sixth place. SKCF endures her hard work and courage to break through the stigmas of society and become an inspiration.

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