It Is Not The End

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~Chahat Kanchan

Though the year 2021 seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye, for many students time seemed to be passing very slowly. But finally, on the 15th of September, the students’ anxiety ended with the declaration of the JEE Mains 2021 exam result.

As anticipated, for some it turned out to be a great day, while for others it was not what they predicted. Everyone is congratulating the 18 students who secured ALL INDIA RANK 1 and the 44 students who got 100 percentile, as they should. Because these students put so much effort and finally their hard work paid off. They would finally get their dream college after two years of sleepless nights.

But were they the only ones who worked hard?? Every year lakhs of students appear for the JEE Exam, in hopes of getting their dream college, but only a few thousand get what they want.

So does this mean that they did not work hard or that they spent their time partying and sleeping off? NO!! They studied diligently to score well. Just because a sheet of paper says you did not score well in your examinations does not mean that you are not capable of doing anything.

It’s not the IIT that makes people successful. It is their determination and passion for what they want to achieve. For instance:

  • SATYA NADELLA– The Chief Executive Officer of tech-giant Microsoft
  • SHIV NADAR– The billionaire industrialist and philanthropist and founder and chairperson of HCL and The Shiv Nadar Foundation

None of them went to an IIT, but the world knows about them and their achievements. For those who say that not everyone who does not score well can be the next Satya Nadella or the next Indra Nooyi, you’re right. But that does not mean that every IITian becomes the next billionaire that the world sees. What is needed is determination and passion for what you love, not a piece of paper claiming it can change your life.

Here’s some food for thought- if the world didn’t end when the Mayans predicted it to, in 2012, then how can it end because of a single piece of paper.

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