Independence Day Celebration And Experience Of Volunteers

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~ Jiah Bhutani

On the valiant day of 15th August 2021, the SKCF team reviving the spirit of patriotism among its children and members conducted an indelible event. Where a multitude of programs and ceremonies took place to instil the sentiments of children towards the nation. The event was commemorated by invocation and a lamp lighting ceremony. This was followed by flag hoisting and singing of the national anthem where all the people whether young or old stood still for the affection towards mother India. Right after flag hoisting, the event did not lose its zeal and liveliness for once. The audience was addressed by Raghav sir, Kiran ma’am, and Aditya sir. Raghav sir unravelled the journey of team SKCF from the beginning to face the adversity of the pandemic. Nonetheless came back stronger. We are obliged to everyone who participated in the celebration and to the valour of our freedom fighters.

Soon everyone got seated again to experience the radiance of limelight throughout the dance performance by our dancing divas. The animation of emotions was so profound that it was more than heartwarming to see young champions performing graciously. A video clip of children sitting on the mat with merry smiles on their faces and tricolour flags in their tiny hands revokes our duty towards our nation. Teachers painted the young skins of the faces of students with our national flag. A light meal to turn up smiles of our young India was also arranged by the team. To honour and appreciate the diligence of our students Mr Pawan Kumar (Deputy commandant CISF), Mr Akhilesh Kumar (Ex. Dy. SP), and Dr Ranbir Singh were invited for the prize distribution ceremony on an online platform. The award distribution ceremony was also undertaken live during the celebration.

One of our assiduous teachers Mr Arunav shared his experience of the entire event which he attended on the ground, “It was an amazing experience. Seeing the kids smile while they got a platform to showcase their talent was a beautiful feeling. Their enthusiasm even after the long wait for their performances taught me a thing that is ‘ better late than never. The smiles make everything worth it. True patriotism was seen in their eyes. Most of us Indians complain a lot about our own country regarding jobs opportunities, ill-built roads, poor infrastructure, and whatnot. But these kids see beyond that, these kids understand the pride of being called Indians. They truly cherish this day and their country… The kids made this entire event a bliss to witness.” These were the words of a teacher of the students who got a chance to imbibe the true essence of existence for these young minds. SKCF credits the community, as well as the students as family, and a festival celebrated apart for the family is incomplete. Therefore our team always enjoys the magic brought by festivals together with our children, whether it be Republic day or Diwali we all sail in the same boat.

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