How India can gain from Better Laws in its Constitution

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Article 15 gained a lot of attention because of Ayushmann Khurrana’s movie of the same name. Now whether the article has any pitfalls or not is a different discussion. But a conversation on the Constitution is a must in these changing times. 

Many scholars and national leaders formulated the Indian Constitution, which you may have heard of. B. N. Rau, Surendranath Mukherjee, and Dr B. R. Ambedkar were the prominent authors of the Constitution of India. Dr B R Ambedkar had studied the Constitution of 60 countries to create the contents of the Constitution of India

But lately, with social media platforms becoming a new factor in socialization in the new age; influencers and consumerism are taking over the world like nothing else. Therefore, it is more and more critical to make specific changes known as amendments in Indian Constitutional laws to ensure security, growth and hinder new social evils.

Let’s take a look at certain acts which many would like to introduce in our constitutional laws.

Right to Privacy

In India, the population has always been higher than the rest of the world due to many reasons. However, it has inadvertently made Indians not respect other people’s boundaries. Therefore, when some paparazzi and media persons divulge into any person’s personal life, not just celebs, it doesn’t faze the viewer at the least. One prime example is of our country’s captured pilot Abhinandan Varthaman; Indian News channels highly broadcasted all of his personal information without taking into account the profession of the individual in question, neither was his stance respected in the lust of high TRPs. In our country, people’s privacy must be respected at all costs and not be open to being broadcasted when the situation is highly volatile and sensitive.

Law against Draconian Drug Laws

 Drugs are incredibly vile for society, and almost all countries make laws against their use, selling, manufacturing, transporting etc. Many drugs can be highly addictive after one dose itself and can make an individual completely lose their sense of self and be dependent on their usage to feel “good”. So naturally, they are banned, and the way to stop their propagation across borders is by cutting the head off the snake. It can be done by targeting the smuggling of drugs on a massive scale. Although this is done regularly, the Indian laws on drugs are very Draconian. So much so that even a suspicion of doing drugs without proper proof is enough to put someone behind bars. The individual can be interrogated endlessly over a WhatsApp chat, torturing them for hours and days. And this is where this gets more vicious. The people who are caught in this kind of stew are celebrities with high status and huge popularity. These celebrities are then asked if they do drugs, and they say no. What becomes the headlines of the next day’s newspaper? You guessed it. So and so the actor says “I don’t do drugs”. It gives the media houses a great way to improve their TRPs and provides us with an insight into how this law can be used against any innocent person to cause them legal and psychological distress. 

Protection against sexual violation laws for both genders

Rape cases gain a lot of momentum every few months. So much so that if the accused are left without protection, they would undoubtedly face mob lynching of the worst kind. At the same time, these hashtags on rape cases raise questions on women safety which is a significant aspect to be discussed. Furthermore, there must be a general awareness of sexual abuse trauma that humans face from both genders. It will hopefully make way for more sensitivity towards this subject. Moreover, the stigma against sexual abuse directed towards men requires intelligent campaigns and dramatization to develop empathy towards such victims.

Image Source: Members of the Constituent Assembly signing the Constitution of India in 1950

These laws and many other laws can only come into existence if we vote better if we give higher priority to the background of the individuals asking for a vote instead of the backstories of celebrities. These essential laws can only materialize if we hold high standards for the individuals appearing for elections instead of cricketers who lose a match against Pakistan. These laws can become a reality only when we stop believing what is directly told to us and open our eyes to reality. And finally, we can only see progressive change in our country when we each strive to become a product of integrity, discipline and individuality; in the process becoming worthy of the sacrifices of many that came before us. Which led to the formation of the Constitution of such a brilliant and profound country, known as India. Wishes for Samvidhan Diwas.

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