Happy Teachers’ Day!

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  • Those who were by your side 

            Throughout your school life

            Express gratitude to them and say

            A very Happy Teachers’ Day!    

           ~Prakriti Prakash

  • शिक्षक, अध्यापक – हैं अनेक नाम 

            पढ़ाते, सिखाते – करते ढेरों काम 

            नमन करते है हम हर शिक्षक को 

            जो देते हमें अनमोल ज्ञान l 

            ~ Prakriti Prakash

  •  ஒரு ஆசிரியர் ஒரு     கையை எடுத்து, ஒரு மனதைத் திறந்து ஒருவரின் இதயத்தைத் தொடுகிறார். 

           [A teacher takes a hand and opens    a mind and touches someone’s heart] 

            ~Harshitaa M S

  • ఉపాధ్యాయుడు మాత్రమే మన భవిష్యత్తు అనే బంగారు తలుపును తెరువగలడు.

            [Teacher is the only person, who can open the golden door to our future]

             ~Madhu Shekhar

  •  A day is not enough for wishing our teachers, 

            A student can never repay, 

            Even if he dedicates his whole life 

           ~ Vanshika Bansal

Here’s a token of our appreciation to all of you. 

Must Read: https://skchildrenfoundation.org/role-of-teachers-in-online-classes/ 

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