Greetings, Mother Earth!

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S k Children foundation

New Delhi

10 August 2021

Greetings, mother Earth!

I’m sorry we haven’t been very nice to you recently. You provide us with life, housing, health, and so much more than we realise. We have been annihilating our animals and causing them to become extinct. You were once such a lovely place, with everyone coexisting peacefully before we arrived. Our advanced industrialized forms would ultimately lead to our demise.

A human being is the most greedy creature on the planet. Littering, polluting, stealing, killing, and destroying everything that gets in our way are all things we do. Thousands of acres of our rainforests have been lost, and biodiversity has perished as a result. I apologize for being so self-centered and believing that everybody owes us everything. Every day, human beings pour loads of plastic into the water, but no one knows the true effects. Overall, humans are responsible for the mortality of over 100,000 aquatic species as a result of animals suffocating on litter or mistaking it for food.


We have poisoned the air so much more over the years than we have been here and we have been so industrialized, and it is getting worse and worse. Nobody notices, but our ozone layer is depleting, and there will soon be nothing we can do to save it. Everything is too consumed with envy that they don’t give a damn about what’s going on in the modern world or what’s going on in our climate.

Our experience with COVID-19 displays that we all humans are an integral part of this society and can not be separated from the environment around us. We ought to come together and save our planet and its biodiversity which creates an immense impact on human life. We need to bring a change in our industrial sector and the rate of urbanization.

Climate disruption is also becoming a major leading issue alongside coronavirus. We have to safeguard our mother earth both from this deadly virus as well as the existential threat of climate change.


We need to ensure that the people suffering from coronavirus and the healthcare workers throughout the globe have easy access to fundamental necessities of clean water and proper sanitation for keeping the spread of this deadly virus in control. The numerous indications of danger were happening around but now losing the battle of life against this deadly virus,  realize that to what extent our greed, desire and ambitions have harmed our mother earth.


Under this lockdown period, our mother earth revived her natural form, beauty and simplicity.

Which got long lost will serve humanity, the cruelest of cruel. During the time of isolation, human beings realized the essence of common contact, mental health, and solidarity. Yet they can not even stand for their beloved even in their hour of grief because of this transferrable virus. A large number of people have lost their lives amid coronavirus and many are not even receiving civility of a proper cremation.

It is heart-shattering how many have lost their parents, grandparents, and their children because of this virus and I am no aloof. We need to respect and protect the boundaries of our mother earth, she has enough to fulfill our needs but not our greed. Maybe if we all come together to pay our due obligations towards our planet then maybe mother nature may give us another chance to unify our connections and replenish.



Yours sincerely

Jiah Bhutani

Vanshika Bansal

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