Funny Memes On Lockdown Life

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~ Jiah and Vanshika

This covid- 19 pandemics has completely changed people’s life right from the sleeping schedule to the working. It has given a huge life to online learning and nearly all over the world learning is being done virtually. It has majorly affected our religion and marriage ceremonies, now these occasions are held with a very less number of attendees and less pompous. Now it is a new normal for people to cook gourmet food at home instead of visiting fancy restaurants. A  person today can not step out without a mask and a sanitiser which has now become the necessity of survival in these crucial times.

Here are some interesting memes-

  1. Meme 1

 This meme reminds us of human interaction with the surrounding biodiversity. It must now be a happy place for all organisms other than homo sapiens (human beings) because we’re the one who creates trouble for these voiceless creatures, from robbing their homes to teasing them, we all are to be blamed for this misconduct.

  1. Meme 2

Ugh! How can we forget that the lockdown period doesn’t imply that our metabolism will work faster and we can have anything anytime? This pandemic has completely changed our eating habits, some have grown thin and some have gained weight. The lack of physical activity and irregular eating pattern has vastly affected our body.

  1. Meme 3

Isn’t it intriguing that men in our society have started to give a helping hand in the household work these days? It’s an appreciable step because it’s not the women who are responsible for maintaining a house, the people living in it are equally responsible for its maintenance. Hope this change never fades away. 

  1. Meme 4

This quarantine period does get boring eventually, you are most likely to get disorganized, feel uninterested in almost everything. There comes a time when you don’t even want to binge-watch anymore. After all, it’s a sort of virtual world we’re living in today. Staying motivated always does get hard at times.

  1. Meme 5

Hehe, it’s kinda true that we have almost forgotten to dress up daily. The comfort of loungewear has made us lethargic to be presentable at all times. We can’t remember when we wore our favourite outfits flaunting ourselves. People have become so easygoing that they have started wearing formals at the top and cosy pyjamas at the bottom in zoom meetings. It has its perks although. 

  1. Meme 6

As in this covid- 19 pandemic, the government imposes a lockdown with strict restrictions so that they can save the public from the spread of coronavirus. Lockdown in India was imposed first time on 22nd march 2020, from this date, lockdown never completely opens, it opens but still, there are some restrictions, last year in April and this year April also strict lockdown is there, in 2020, it was due to the first wave of pandemic and in this year it was due to the second wave of the pandemic.

  1. Meme 7

However, many waves of coronavirus came and went, lakhs of cases per day came but one thing which does not stop in a pandemic is exams. This is like exams will happen and will continue to happen whatever happens. Nowadays, in this current situation, there is a new form of exam known as the OBE mode of examination. But from a student’s point of view, it increases stress and mental pressure.

  1. Meme 8

In this pandemic, all schools shut down and online classes will be continued. But the small kids don’t even know the meaning of online classes. They just know that the teacher taught, took attendance and the class ended. They don’t even know how to learn and write things, or how to study at home. Parents are also not capable of handling their kids in some situations, because this situation makes them angry, depressed. Sometimes they don’t even know what they are doing?

  1. Meme 9

This is a very funny meme, it indicates that last year when the first lockdown was imposed for 21 days. Every person was hoping that after 21 days of lockdown, i.e on 14 April it may be imposed off but it got extended to more than 21 days. till now, after one year the situation has not changed much. 


It can sound like this coronavirus nonsense has been going on forever as the never-ending hellscape that was 2020 bleeds over into the New Year.

It’s a bad case, but the fun is the ultimate treatment, as they suggest.

That has never been more real than it is now, so here are 30 quarantine jokes that are safe to share with as many people as possible to help you get through any lockdown constraints you might be living under!

Humour is an important coping mechanism for getting through difficult times. When we joke together, we gain strength in suffering and can feel more in charge when the future is unpredictable. And laughing strengthens us.

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