Festival Celebrations and Rallies

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~ Risha and Suhasi

SKCF believes that children need experience in order to learn. Thus, SKCF volunteers to celebrate all the festivals with the children together as a family. These experiences not only instil a sense of culture, but also brings them together invoking a sense of community in the face of a celebration. It’s the small things that leave a mark in our lives, and SKCF makes sure to inculcate the value of these things in every child under their care.


The festival of colours was celebrated with vibrancy and jubilant here at SKCF. The children were told about the festival and its significance followed by fun games and activities. Members provided organic colours to the children making sure that they not only enjoy the day to their fullest but also keeping their safety as their top priority. Air balloons along with colours were also provided to not wastewater. The day panned out into a round of refreshments and lunch later. After the celebrations, everyone helped clean the premises.


Inspired by Sir Narendra Modi, SKCF held the celebrations for an ‘India wali Diwali’ at the teaching grounds of SKCF. The main attraction of the celebration is a two-day fair organized by the members showcasing the talents of the lovely children at SKCF.

The celebrations took place on the 19th-20th of October 2019 with the 19th being the day for the younger ones in the groups to prepare for the exhibition the next day. They took to painting their candles and diyas and making their rangolis immaculately. With full concentration and zeal, the children wholeheartedly prepared their pieces. Came 20th, the day of the exhibition, it started with entertainment, games, music and dance for the students by the team and was followed by the exhibition showcasing the children’s creativity and artworks. The event ended successfully with the kids being gifted presents and delectable by the foundation. Parents also joined to make the festival of lights at SKCF brighter.


Christmas at SKCF is not only marked as a special occasion but also as the birthday of our founder Raghav Sharma, who continually gives back to the community by doing a commendable job of teaching these children at SKCF and for dedicating his life towards contributing to the shaping of the society for our future generations. Like any other celebrations here at SKCF the children had a day of fun and frolicking. The children were gifted new sweaters, bought from the generous contributions made by people who wanted to make a difference. Each kid also received socks and winter caps which came from the foundation sans donations. On this joyous occasion parents of the students were invited to celebrate and have a day of merriment and cheer. Following the celebrations, a tree was also planted on Christmas which marks a souvenir toward prosperous and fruitful days to come for the foundation.

Independence Day

On the 15th of August, SKCF held a small celebration for the kids, where they were taught about the day when our nation gained its independence and the history of it. The event was celebrated at the park where the children hoisted a flag along with the president of the block, followed by 10-15 kids singing the national anthem and a segment of dance and music performances taught by the teacher volunteers.


Rakshabandhan was another successful celebration held at SKCF. The kids were taught about what the festival entailed and how it came to be, as they were new to it. Our founder, Raghav Sharma made these children aware of the importance and sanctity of a brother-sister relationship. Sweets, rakhis, and chocolates were distributed among the students. The day ended with the children taking home a valuable lesson and a reason to celebrate their bonds within their families.


We at SKCF believe that every child needs to be socially, politically and environmentally aware. Even at a young age, they need to be taught little by little on sensitive topics. The children are subject to many opinions of the elders, and they learn by watching their elders which makes it necessary to make them unlearn and relearn about some subjects. This has to be done with pure caution because one wrong sentence or a word can leave a strong impression that can be difficult to unlearn and form opinions or their views of the world. So, SKCF organizes and carries out rallies or drives with the children and teaches them such small things that are otherwise unavailable in books. 

Say NO to plastic

The children need to be aware of the environment and the challenges that nature is facing at the moment. SKCF volunteers explained about single-use plastic, its harmful effects and future consequences. The children carried out a small rally in the park titled “Say NO to plastic”. They made the banners enthusiastically and the fire in their eyes to bring change was very awe-inspiring because they truly believe that change can be brought through these small acts of creating change and then can be clubbed together just like the butterfly effect. Even after the rally, they are conscious of the plastic that they use and make efforts to reduce it as much as possible.

Tree Plantation drive

This is another example of an environment-related drive wherein the volunteers talked to the students about the importance of trees and the current situation of the world relating to the environment. The volunteers provided tree saplings to the students which they planted together in their common park on Christmas. They collectively take care of the sapling, watch and monitor it. Their connection with the plant is magical and inspiring. 

Justice for Priyanka Reddy

The Priyanka Reddy case is very sensitive but awareness among children is a necessity. They need to sense the horrors of the real world little by little. This was organized to make the girls a little cautious and to make the boys (and girls) understand the difference between right and wrong. So, children carried out a small rally demanding justice for Priyanka Reddy around the block under the guidance of the SKCF volunteers. They understand and believe that even a small change is still a chance, and they can step into, for the welfare of our societies and can change the world by setting an example to all.


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