Education in Lockdown-Boon or Bane

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~ Rabjot Singh 

“Everything happens for a good cause; and to make that cause good…Identify, Grab, Avail, and Utilize that goodness of opportunity at the right time and in a right way, is a right modus operandi for every critical situation.”

It is commonly heard by everyone that, we usually have to lose something big or we usually need to sacrifice our comfort and likings to wait or to get something big and better, that we usually understand after some time or after that so-called tough or struggling period and get to know that why that depressed past was there in our life. The current period which is going on in India with us and in all other parts of the World is such an example of the same where we need to understand and acknowledge the same with our patience and intelligence to deal with this crisis.

Education during COVID -19 

Education, the future of every country and of every individual undoubtedly, has also sacrificed at large while has been beneficial in some context for someone in some or other way. Though all Institutions and Educational Boards tried their best to provide education services to everyone via the best medium possible, for example, Online courses, online classes, online assignments, etc. but online education will always differ from live attending of schools and colleges. Virtual classes are useful but live education has its own nectar. The one-to-one teaching has got lost in these lockdowns and the students have not been able to get the crisp of education. However, virtual classes made everything possible at its best though there are some advantages like better understanding, active concentration, viable surroundings which make live classes much valuable.

No doubt, Online education has also given new experiences to institutions and students and the lockdown has also been proven beneficial. It acted like a chance for individuals/students to boost up their talents and interest areas along with self-analysis so that they can recognize their hidden future which would be helpful in the future of the Education Sector. 

What has SKCF done in the lockdown period?

Our NGO- SK Children Foundation (SCKCF) has also deployed this difficult time by serving selflessly and not wasting the precious and futuristic time of needy students and is regularly teaching them through virtual classes in the best suitable manner. To make the best use of lockdown period or to work on mental personality in lockdown so that one will always stay in touch with the education, and Educational Institution should also consider many other different kinds of creative ways such as Collecting the latest Business, Environment or Political news from newspaper cuttings in a scrapbook; Research something new and latest about your Interest areas; Search different online courses and try to attempt them; Allocate several different and attractive online educational tasks.


This is how the lockdown is a BOON for someone who utilized the lockdown period in a well-mannered and useful way and BANE for someone who failed to manage the same. At last, I want to cheer up the efforts and courage of our NGO by writing that,

“World is striving and Diving, but by spreading Knowledge and Happiness, SKCF is Thriving Flying and Shining.”

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