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Capitalism has left an indivisible influence on our daily lives. It has monopolized the economy by creating an abstract world of alternatives for everything with its school of thought. Still, it has also influenced other elements of life, such as education, which is a necessity in life. It has generated parallels, such as the tuition industry, to help and monetize education.

Taking extra lessons to improve grades has become a mantra for most students in the current generation. The coaching institutions have increased students’ potential in various ways, such as assisting them in catching up on their academics if they have missed school due to medical or other reasons. 

According to NSSO, 1 out of 4 children in India take private tuition. India’s tuition industry will reach 225 billion US dollars by FY2025. The coaching institutions guarantee the selection of students enrolled. The problem arises when these institutes guarantee the success of thousands of students in a few hundred seats of good colleges.
However, in another context, it has led to students taking for granted the instruction they receive at school because they have a backup or “alternative” to school in the form of coaching sessions, which has jeopardized the integrity of educational institutions. Besides, students spend extra money to learn the same topics as in school and do not use their time effectively.

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