Dussehra with SKCF

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~ Madhushekhar Mallarapu



India is a vast country with a billion-plus population, of which there are many religions and communities within them. As an ancient country, India holds many traditions and festivals as an inheritance from ancestors. And also they are important peacekeepers in society. India needs to celebrate them not only for their religious significance but also for their unique role in the elevation of the country’s unity.  Dussehra is among those festivals celebrated by the Hindus.

It is celebrated in both India and Nepal. It is also known as “Vijayadashami”.The main theme of celebrating the festival is to elevate the main point, and that is “no matter how powerful the evil is, the good shall win at last”. There is a story behind this and that is king Rama killed the demon king Ravanasura on this day. Since then burning the grass idol of the Ravanasura on the tenth day became a norm.

Dussehra at SKCF:-

As a children’s organization, SKCF  always conducts different activities on important days like festivals, national holidays, etc. On the day of Dussehra, SKCF conducted an event that involved children and provided a platform to prove their talents. Few children performed their dance which was mesmerizing and also showed how interested they were in these kinds of cultural events. Then one of them exhibited his talent by playing a musical instrument. They were also involved in the storytelling. Some of them acted as the actual characters in the story and tried to elevate the moral of the story beautifully and amazingly.

And also a child recited a poem about the Dussehra festival. All children who were involved in the activities showed their talent in such a way that they just needed a small push to reach the sky. And their confidence was unbreakable. After that, there was a speech about the importance of festivals and also a token of appreciation for the children who were involved in the event.

Importance of involving children in festivals:-


Festivals are very important and play a key role in a person’s life. They carry morals and culture with them. And these festivals are coming down from our ancestors, who had more experience in their life. And each festival has its importance and significance that is relevant to society. Festivals have the power to unify people and fight against evil. Children will not only learn about our glorious history but also about life. 

They will come to know about the difference between good and bad. And these festivals can connect them with their parents and friends. This is why despite having differences in religion, many people enjoy the celebration of different festivals. Children will be able to learn about secularism, social and personal responsibility, respect towards elders and others through the festivals. And also one important thing is that many festivals elevate the importance of “giving”, which is one of the important aspects of human life. They can change the perspective of individuals. And this is how they can become the pillars of society.

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