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Many waves of panic are circulating on social media about the new variant of Coronavirus and how Covid-19 has become more deadly. Official Sources of the Health Ministry of India have suspected that a flood of new Covid-19 cases is more likely to be seen by January’s end. This time it has been assured that the deaths will be less in number.
But why is there a surge in Covid cases in China? The surge in Covid-19 cases has caused panic across the globe.


In India, Covid-19 testing has been ramped up at international airports. Mock drills have happened across the country to check the readiness to deal with the cases of the new variant of Coronavirus. Moreover, India has a new booster vaccine. Bharat Biotech iNCOVACC is the first indigenously developed nasal vaccine available in India. India’s health minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya has chaired the covid related precautions and other meetings. The precautions taken for Covid-19 are prudent considering the devastation that the virus has caused in the past. 

The Union Health Ministry has warned people amid a rise in Covid-19 cases from China to Britain and Japan, new cases of Covid-19 have caught up very fast. on 29th of December, 2022 India’s Health Ministry issued new guidelines for International arrivals in regard to the spread of Covid-19 in China. 
Serum Institute of India and CEO, Adar Poonawala who manufactured the Covishield vaccine assure citizens that there is no need to panic. He also tweeted that the news of rising Covid-19  cases coming out of China is concerning. Nevertheless, we need not panic given our excellent vaccination coverage and track record. We must continue to trust and follow the guidelines set up by the Government of India.

OMICRON BF.7:The New Variant

New Omicron BF.7 is a subvariant of Covid-19 and is the reason behind the massive surge in hospitalizations in china. The new variant of Coronavirus can cause millions of deaths in other few months in china. This new variant of Coronavirus has a quicker infection rate. In addition, it is also very difficult to detect in RT-PCR tests.

Omicron F.7  is spreading across the world and India has reported some cases of the same. Cough, fever, and sore throat are some of the symptoms of Omicron BF.7. People with low immunity, unvaccinated people, and pregnant women are most prone to this new variant of Coronavirus. There will be a mild infection in the vaccinated people.


Canada and some Western nations have implemented pre-departure tests for travelers coming from China to prevent the spread of the new variant of Coronavirus. According to Bejing Foreign Ministry, these curbs and restrictions are solely political and unscientific. 

Other Asian countries like Japan are toughening their Covid-19  border control measures for travelers from China. Additional measures will require negative coronavirus taken within 72 hours of passengers boarding a flight from China

According to expert Professor Robert Booy, the arrival of a new variant of Coronavirus doesn’t pose a serious threat to Australian citizens owing to vaccinations.

                                                       -VANSHIKA SOROUT and JASMINE CHOUDHARY 

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