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Nestled in the heart of bustling Delhi, SK Children Foundation (SKCF) is more than just an NGO; it’s a beacon of hope for young learners. Founded on principles of compassion and dedication, our organization fosters a deep bond with each child, creating an environment where dreams flourish and potential is realized. Despite challenges, we’ve secured a new center, providing a nurturing space where aspirations take root. Our dedicated support fosters resilience and academic excellence.

From beautifully painted classrooms to well-stocked libraries, every detail enhances the learning experience. The amenities we provide help our students advance in their studies, ensuring they feel comfortable and on par with their peers. By promoting holistic growth, we strive to create an environment where every child can thrive. 

We are incredibly proud to share that our students have achieved outstanding results, a testament to their hard work and our unwavering commitment to their studies. Despite numerous challenges, they have displayed extraordinary perseverance, demonstrating that their circumstances do not define their capabilities. Each high score obtained is a testament to their untapped potential and bright futures.


We would like to share the journeys of each of these children—their struggles, hard work, and resilience that have led to their great accomplishments. Together, we’re shaping brighter futures and empowering the next generation of leaders. 


achievements, SKCF

One of the shining examples of the impact SK Children Foundation has had on the lives of young students is the story of Prince Kumar. Prince, a diligent and enthusiastic student, was in Class 4 at Nagar Nigamananda Prathmik Adarsh Baal Balika Vidyalaya when he first came into contact with our NGO.

From the beginning, Prince exhibited a keen interest in learning despite the challenging conditions. The extreme weather and lack of proper facilities at his school did not deter his spirit. Recognizing his potential and determination, SKCF provided him with the necessary support and resources.

As a result of this supportive environment and his hard work, Prince successfully completed Class 4 and was promoted to Class 5. His journey is a testament to the positive impact that SKCF‘s dedication and resources can have on young learners.

Prince’s achievements reflect the core mission of SK Children Foundation—to provide quality education and a nurturing environment for all students, enabling them to overcome challenges and succeed academically. His story is just one of many that showcase the transformative power of education and the significant role that SKCF plays in the community.


achievements, SKCF

When we look at the growth trajectory of Neha, she goes to Nagar Nigamananda Prathmik Aadarsh Baal Balika Vidhyalaya and joined us in Class 5. Recently, Neha moved up to Class 6, thanks to her hard work and our support.

Even when things got tough, like with bad weather, Neha never gave up. We saw her determination and decided to do something about it. We found a new place for learning, with everything students need to do well.Now, Neha and her friends have a great place to study. The classroom is bright and comfy, and there’s a quiet room full of books for when they need to focus.

Neha’s journey shows how education can change lives. We’re proud of her and her achievements. She  has already come a far way from where she began and we are very sure she is going to achieve greater heights. 


achievements, SKCF

In the heart of Nagar Nigamananda Prathmik Aadarsh Baal Balika Vidhyalaya, a young student named Nidhi embarked on a remarkable journey with SKCF. Amidst the challenges of extreme weather and limited resources, Nidhi’s dedication shone through, propelling her from Class 5 to Class 6 with the support of SKCF.

Transforming classrooms into havens of learning, SK Children Foundation’s intervention brought a new dawn to Nidhi’s education. The addition of interactive tools like whiteboards and podiums ignited curiosity and engagement, making every lesson a step closer to success.

But SKCF‘s impact extended beyond the classroom walls. In the serene confines of the study room/library, Nidhi found solace amidst her studies. Surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and supported by dedicated volunteers, she navigated through exams with confidence, paving her path to academic achievements

With each success story like Nidhi’s, SKCF reaffirms its mission to empower young minds, creating a brighter future for communities everywhere. 


achievements, SKCF

When Swati first joined us, while in 6th grade at Govt. Sarvodaya Co-ed Sr. Sec. School, her potential shone brightly. Despite the challenges she may have faced, Swati displayed a remarkable dedication to learning.

Swati has soared academically, thanks to her hard work and the support provided by SK Children Foundation. We are thrilled to announce her promotion to 7th grade with excellent grades and outstanding achievements!

Swati’s journey exemplifies the core mission of SKCF: to empower underprivileged children through quality education and a nurturing environment. By providing the resources and support they need, we witness students like Swati blossom and lead them to the achievement of their full potential.


achievements, SKCF

We’re thrilled to celebrate another rising star, Dipika, a student at Govt. Sarvodaya Co-ed Sr. Sec. School. Her dedication to learning has propelled her forward.

Despite her challenging situation, Dipika’s hard work and the support from our organisation have yielded impressive results. We are incredibly proud to announce her well-deserved promotion to 7th grade!

Dipika’s journey is a powerful reminder that with the right support, even the most challenging circumstances can’t hold back a determined student. We witness students like Dipika blossom into their full potential by providing quality education, better resources, and a supportive environment.


achievements, SKCF

Let’s take a look at the story of another one of our amazing students, Ankush, from Govt. Sarvodaya Co-ed Sr. Sec. School. His dedication to learning has truly paid off.

He’s tackled the challenges of middle school and emerged victorious, earning a well-deserved promotion to 9th grade! SKCF firmly believes that- “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Ankush is a shining example of that belief in action.

We are incredibly proud of Ankush’s achievements. By providing the comfort and resources students need, we meticulously witness students like Ankush soar to new heights. Congratulations, Ankush! The sky’s the limit!


The achievements of these hardworking students are like shooting stars, illuminating the power of education to transform lives. Their success stories inspire not just themselves, but also their families, classmates, and the entire community. As SKCF empowers more students like them, we pave the way for a brighter future, one brimming with potential and possibility.

Join us as we continue to ignite dreams and create opportunities for children in Delhi and beyond. Do help us in our mission to support more children by referring those who you believe would benefit from our programs. Your referrals can make a significant difference, providing these children with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to thrive. Together, we can empower more young learners and shape brighter futures.

                                                                        –  ANANYA GUPTA AND SNEHA RAJ 


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