Bizgurukul And Its Various Aspects

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~Jiah and Samridhi

What is Bizgurukul?

It is a platform assisting enthusiastic e-marketers to earn the big dollar by constructing their brand. With the everlasting and evolving technology, multitudes of business tycoons are connecting to their customers through the internet as a medium. They are hunting for individuals with strong networking and communicating skills which can be succeeded by self-branding. They are training the disciples’ tricks on how to make themselves visible in the market, create their brand name, build a potent appearance and mostly lead on social media. Bizgurukul is also bridging individuals to become affiliate marketers, connecting people of discrete professions, paths, and niches to the people who yearn to grow in a similar area of interest. It is an impressive platform for Indian students, employees, and people from all age groups keen on learning a new skill and earning via their smart gadgets. 

How does it work?

Total four days of the week are devoted by the teacher every week for the training. They are offering a total of three types of course options for their students. Individuals earning INR 1,00,000 or more are proposed to share their tactics to work online efficiently.  It offers various courses in packages by name of Gold, Sapphire, Platinum, and Diamond. These courses in themselves are bifurcated further to include different packages having varied focus. 

Core Values- 

  1. Quality- in case of products, systems, services, and customer experience
  2. Will to Win- to help its disciples grow and emerge out as winners 
  3. Integrity- followed in all areas of business
  4. Contribution- to create a world where contributions make a family
  5. Knowledge Expansion- to not just educate but impart knowledge
  6. Respect- to maintain a market presence

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Pros of Bizgurukul

Bizgurukul is a dependable platform for advertisers and sellers to advance their positions. By supplying valuable affiliate content, this platform enables businesses to improve personal traits and manage social media more effectively. They guarantee the quality of both services and products. Our patented affiliate marketing system can help you safeguard your income. This gurukul affiliate program follows a step-by-step method that guides marketers through the process of conducting good marketing. If you’re an experienced internet marketer, Bizgurukul could be a good location to start making money fast. This platform guarantees that if any marketer proceeds with their business with the help of Bizgurukul, they will undoubtedly see great results, as well as an improvement in their personality.

Cons of Bizgurukul

Bizgurukul is one of the most active markets. Their services include enhancing one’s personality, communication fluency, confidence as a speaker, and ability to tell a good tale, among other things. However, several complaints regarding Bizgurukul have recently surfaced, such as the fact that they do not contact and respond to their clients after delivering products. Additionally, clients are unable to contact them by phone. Because they don’t have a distinct sales page for products and affiliates, it’s a little difficult for newcomers to find both. If you decide to drop this course halfway through, you will not be able to request a refund once you have enrolled in the batch. To provide an affiliate program, they tax a large charge. Besides this, one needs to be sponsored to be able to purchase one of the packages. Purchases made directly from the website cannot generate an affiliate link.

Packages Offer

1. Gold                                                                  

  • Cost: 3499/-

2.   Sapphire

  • Cost: 5999/-

2. Platinum

  • Cost: 9999/-

3. Diamond (yet to be launched)

Check out Affiliate Marketing and Commissions here.

                 Image source: A screenshot from home page.

Final Words

To summarise, Bizgurukul is a one-time investment program that provides a variety of values and benefits in exchange for a considerable fee. This platform can provide access to a wealth of information. Apart from that, if you can use your affiliate marketing talents to advertise Bizgurukul services properly, the commissions will keep rolling in.


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