Animal Cruelty: Humans Losing Humanity. (Trigger Warning)

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~ Bargavi Baradhwaj 


Animals have existed in the universe with humans since time immemorial. The Co-existence between the two species has always been one with the main criteria of harmonic living. Hindu mythology considers animals to be sacred, the ancient man lived with animals, and we pet animals at our own homes with utmost love and affection. Even though this trend has been noticeable, humans find pride in establishing their authority in society. For instance, hunting started off as a means of survival but eventually became an act to establish pride and honour.

When exactly did humans lose their humanity against the other species in the world?

In recent times humans killed a pregnant elephant in Kerala, a pregnant cow from Himachal Pradesh and a jackal from Tamil Nadu. All these animals had explosives added to their food thus leading to their death.

When exactly did see other animals die become a source of pleasure and satisfaction to humans?

There have been various instances of men having unnatural sex with other animals. A pregnant goat was raped by eight men in Haryana, A female street dog was raped by a man inside his house in Kolkata and a man had sex with three cows in Vadodara. All these events are recent. What this proves is that even after so much advancement and education, we do not realize the issues with having sexual intercourse with an animal.

How do humans rape animals who don’t even have the voice to say “NO”?

Animals are beaten up in various states and cities. A dog was mercilessly beaten up in Gujarat, A stray dog fractured his skull after being beaten up in Mumbai and eleven langurs were brutally killed and dumped in Rajasthan. What you can notice here is that all these cities are highly developed and advanced. These crimes are being committed in our vicinity.

Do we still not realize that beating up animals is not a source of joy or entertainment?

Not only this, even educated citizens during their course of employment have been negligent towards animals. Twenty-one beagles were confined in cages for a scientific experiment in Pune. A street dog was left to die when workers poured hot tar on it while it was sleeping and a medical student from Chennai threw a dog from the terrace.

When did educated humans realize that it’s okay for them to harm animals during their work hours?

There are various provisions provided to protect the animals from cruelty too. There are provisions in the Indian Penal Code, there are organizations like the PETA and the Supreme court itself takes action to give voice to the voiceless. The Jalikattu event, which is a tradition in south India, was banned due to cruelty towards bulls. The authorities are taking actions, the laws are in place, it’s us who have to change. The only answer to all these problems is to regain the humanity which the humans have lost


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