Work-Life Balance: A Myth?

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~  Samridhi Prakash 

The Concept of Work-Life Balance

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

We all have heard this phrase at least once, encouraging us to step outside and breathe in the fresh air. Work is the paramount responsibility of every one of us; but leisure, our right. With the fast pacing world we have little time left for our individual selves. At the work one hectic day follows another while peacefulness is lost in this frenzy.  Further, this daily routine takes our time away from our health, our family members and our friends. This invisible problem is faced by people from all walks of life and needs urgent practical solutions. 

It’s Need

With the coming of millennial workers with their new work-space culture, the idea of work-life balance is fast evolving. It is a very important aspect of a healthy work environment. The balance helps manage the stress levels and also, reduces chances of early burnout. More time for rest or leisure also means more productivity while putting in the numbered work hours. Sitting in one position for too long also leads to postural deformity and acute pain. Long working hours are the cause of mood swings, irritability and a decrease in productivity. Most of the employees cannot even afford to seek any specialist after suffering burnouts or breakdowns. With a limited pay scale they find it very difficult to manage personal and public expenses as well as time. The coming generation is not going to put up with unreasonable work hours or any undue level of stress. Together with the efforts of the employers they are seeking to create a space where work is not really considered ‘work’. Instead, they seek to create a dynamic work structure with breathing space for relaxation and work-out. 


  1. Fewer health issues
  2. High engagement levels
  3. Fewer burnouts/breakdowns
  4. Increased focus and mindfulness
  5. Lingering sense of optimism and peacefulness
  6. More time for family members & friends
  7. Instills a sense of purpose

How to Improve Work-Life Balance

We need to understand that rest is not an option but a need. Leisure should be a part of our daily plan, our daily routine. In other words the importance of time needs to be highlighted and accepted. Holidays and limited work hours should be the norm. Another key point is the implementation of short breaks throughout the work day. Instead of having a single long break, it should be divided and distributed at intervals. Regular counselling and interactive sessions should take place which uplift the mood of the workers. The aim is to maintain a healthy atmosphere and every organisation needs to find its own set of practical solutions

Is it a Myth?

Work-life balance is not a myth. Even in today’s world, with hectic days colouring our calendar, this idea is very much implementable. We all just need to find our own set of relaxation techniques and plan our daily routine. With this in mind we need to move ahead and not treat work as the only wheel. Likewise, we need to learn how to divide our time judiciously between the various spheres of our life. Owing to these little hacks we can improve our lives by wonders. Just keep in mind- Breathe, life is so much more than work!!!


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