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   ~ Jyotsna Sarkar

SKCF has been working since 2016 to provide a level playing ground for underprivileged kids in this world of inequality. Along this journey of educating underprivileged kids, SKCF came across so many new experiences and difficulties. From the fund crunch of initial days to convincing parents to send their kids to us, we have seen it all. But never did we stop, nor did we intend to. Here we bring another inspiring story from our brilliant lot of kids. 


Sumit is a young 14-year boy who is a student of SKCF. He was introduced to the NGO by his mother’s colleague. She was not able to provide the kid with basic education because of the financial crisis. She had to work hard every day to fulfil all the needs of daily life. Now, Sumit is a part of SKCF studying in class 9th. He became a great addition to the class at the end of 2019. All the teachers are very delighted to be by his side helping him. They can see his bright light radiating from his studies.  He loves studying and he is also interested in curricular activities which are held every Sunday, both in the online and offline classes. He wants to become a doctor.


When the pandemic stuck, SKCF began taking virtual classes without compromising the education of our students. But we understand that not all students have access to a smartphone. Due to financial problems, some kids could not buy a new device. This hindrance to our online classes initiative came once again when Sumit’s device broke down. He no longer had access to his smartphone and could not afford a new one. 

Therefore, the organization decided to surprise this kid with a new smartphone!  


Recently we had a conversation with Sumit and his mother. For him, this smartphone is more than a device, it’s his ray of hope. A hope that SKCF has kept alive. A hope that he will be able to study and grow. A hope that financial hurdles can’t stop him. Sumit is grateful to be a part of the tremendous team of SKCF. And his mother is happy to see her child growing beautifully despite facing so many difficulties. 

SKCF is also equally happy and grateful to have such a child. And we want to see more students growing like this. It’s our pleasure to get a chance to help such a sparkling star and be a source of his future success. 

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