Khalsites: New Beginnings

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~ Kushal Bhargav

Khalsites of SKCF is a promotional team of SK Children Foundation (SKCF), set up by Mr Guneet Singh a campus ambassador intern at SKCF and a student of B.Com. studying in Shri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, DU(SGND). He formed a promotional team along with his 6 friends of the same college to make more people aware of SKCF and its initiatives and named it ‘Khalsites’ of SKCF. He has chosen the name of the team as Khalsites of SKCF because they are students of SGND Khalsa college and are creating a subsidiary promotional team for SKCF.  

Khalsites of SKCF has a tagline as, “Partnership With Discovery”. There are a total of 7 people in the team and the volunteers are Guneet Singh, Ashi Mittal, Diksha Juneja, Harsimar Singh, Ishmeet Singh, and Vanshika Arora. These people are working hard to promote SKCF inside their college campus and help in increasing the outreach of the SKCF team.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College(SGND) was started in 1973 with the name Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa (evening) college and got approval to start the M. com course in the academic year 1988-1989. And later on, In the year 200506 got permission to open a full-fledged college and after this, it was finally renamed Shri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College.

SK Children Foundation or SKCF, an NGO started by Mr. Raghav Sharma is one that works towards providing quality education to children from economically weaker sections of society. He took the initiative of helping society by teaching children. SKCF works 365 days around the year for children. It believes in the concept of equal opportunity for all. Along with education for children, SKCF has also taken another initiative for the betterment of society. Various extracurricular programs, activities and festival celebrations are organized for students at SKCF along with studies.

SKCF team had conducted a live Instagram session on 15th February with Mr. Guneet sir on the topic “Khalsites: new beginnings” to make non-khalsites aware of the promotional team of SKCF in the Khalsa college and to let them know about the future plans of the team and their journey so far.

In the session, he first gave his introduction and explained about the team Khalsites. He said that he is grateful for the opportunity that SKCF has provided to him and the Khalsites have a Facebook page and Instagram handle. They are planning to make it an official team on the campus and for this, they will contact the college authority. He said that when he completed the 2 weeks with SKCF, he feels that he wants to continue working with the NGO for a longer time and contribute to such a noble organization. Also, he wants to form an awareness team for the NGO inside the college campus. He believes that the team could increase the outreach of SKCF and make them aware of all the work done by SKCF for helping people. 

The people who are willing to volunteer for the team can join the team. It is not compulsory to be a student of Khalsa College and students from other colleges can also become a part of the team. For volunteering, an applicant can connect through the social media handles with the team. They post updates about the works of the SKCF team regularly on their social media pages. Mr. Guneet said that he believes that through donations we can make people happy temporarily but by providing them education we can make them happy for a lifetime and the SKCF team also works with the same belief. 

When asked about the future plans of Khalsites of SKCF, he replied that they have an action plan of 4 months and are working on it. Also, they are planning to make the setup team officially inside the college premises and hire new interns for the team.

The team makes people aware of the donation drives conducted by the SKCF team like Project Aashray (for distribution of nutrient-rich food to people who fail to afford even two square meals per day), Clothes Bring Smile for distribution of clothes, Jacket distribution drive for distribution of new jackets to help people deal with the harsh winter, and many other drives. It is indeed a great initiative and can help to inculcate values of empathy, kindness, helpfulness and also builds leadership potential. 


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