Importance of History

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~ Yashika Sehgal

What is History?

History is the study of the past. It is a very wide term that includes events, people, actions etc. It is that string that connects to both the present as well as the future. It is the study of change over time. Political, social, economical, scientific, cultural, technological developments are all aspects covered under the ambit of history.

Why Do We Need to Study it Today?

During school days, most of us considered history as a subject which was just about names and events attached to dates which needed to be learnt. History is much more than reading historical books, dates and names of powerful rulers. It helps us to get a better understanding of ourselves as well as the world. It gives us information about how society worked in the past. This helps to understand the working of society in present times. History includes stories about who we are. It tells us about our ancestors and the legacies which we may have inherited from them.

History teaches us moral and spiritual values. With the help of epics such as the Mahabharat, the Ramayana, we get to learn how to behave in a morally responsible manner and what things we should abstain from doing as a society. The law that we follow today, the food we eat, the customs we follow, the cultures and religions we follow, all derive their roots from history. History enables us to take our own decisions and form our own opinions about the events that occurred in the past.

History and Law

History acts as the source for law. The concepts of Indian law, justice and morality have been derived from the concept of Dharma in India. Further, the common law system came to be followed with the advent of Britishers. Both history and law are interrelated. Both law and history have the same methodology. The customs which we follow today are all a result of knowledge from history. These customs have been followed since time immemorial. History, as well as law, are inconclusive. It depends on the person analysing to make his or her interpretations.

History and Future

Everything that is going to happen in the future is uncertain. However, with the help of history, we can assess many possibilities that might happen in the times to come with proper reasoning from the incidences that have occurred in the past. Science is also a major factor in predicting the future. For example, by studying gravity, physicists can predict the movement of planets for millions of years to come. It also helps us to make better decisions for the future, not repeating the mistakes already committed in the past.


History directly or indirectly impacts our present as well as our future. Thinking on the same lines, getting to know history is very vital to learn from the generic mistakes and make a better future. Thus, our history plays an important role in deciding our destinies.

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