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~ Yashika Sehgal



With the second wave of corona virus hitting India, we all have been affected in one way or the other. Rt- pcr tests have become very common among the Indian population. Please get yourself tested if you experience symptoms such as fever, cough and cold, sore throat, throat pain.  This article is an amalgamation of all the resources that we at SKCF think might be useful for you.

Official Government Websites

The 3 websites provided below are run by the government.

Tools Keeping Resource Updates Across India

These websites are easy to use. You just have to search for the resources available in your city and it will show you a list.

Websites for Plasma

Plasma has become a tool for treating patients suffering from Covid-19. However, in recent days, it has been observed that people are facing issues in finding plasma for their near and dear ones. Here is where you can find as well as donate plasma.

Meals for Covid Patients

As soon as covid is detected in a person, he or she has to be isolated from the rest of the people. It is very necessary for a person suffering from Covid to eat nutritious food timely.  Here is a simple way the patients can order healthy food for themselves.

  • – this is a website being used by thousands of people for the delivery of safe and hygienic food. Just enter your state and city and it will show you the food providers.

Hemkunt Foundation

Hemkunt Foundation is a non- profit organisation in Gurugram. It is successfully working towards supplying oxygen to Covid patients. It also gives oxygen cylinders on rent.

Address- Plot No. 809, Second Floor, Rd 42C, Sector 42, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

email:[email protected]

whatsapp:+91 9990691313

Social Media Comes to the Rescue

In times of crisis, we must all help each other. This is where social media comes to play. You can do the following things to create awareness about covid through social media.

  • Don’t shy away from asking for help.Please post about your requirements on social platforms. Many people will offer their help to you.
  • The people who have contacts and can help others, please do so. It is the need of the hour.
  • Restrain from spreading false and negative news.

Please wear your masks and only step out when absolutely necessary.

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