From an NGO in Delhi to a dream school 

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Raghav Sir. NGO in Delhi

SK Children Foundation is an NGO in Delhi started by a teenager in 2016. Named Raghav Sharma, his mission was to impart primary education to as many underprivileged children as possible. So, he selected a nearby public park of Janakpuri as his teaching center where he began schooling a few needy kids.
Fast forward to 2022, SKCF is now a registered, recognized NGO in Delhi helping over 150 students to get an education. The journey of becoming a free school for these underprivileged children was not easy but ‘where there is a will, there is a way. And today, we are happy to announce that SKCF has taken another step forward and has opened its first-ever offline teaching center in rented accommodation!


It is a well-known fact that the weather in Delhi swings from one extreme to another. Be it summer, winter, or monsoon, Delhi faces everything in extreme. Since 2016, the students of our NGO in Delhi used to gather in a public park at 4 pm every day. Although roofless, this public park was their free school. They are always determined to take classes, whether it is a hot and humid afternoon or a cold evening. They never complain of the summer heat or cold breeze. However, it is often impossible to take classes in the monsoon due to constant and unexpected downpours. 

Our founder and volunteers share a beautiful and intimate relationship with all the students. Thus, even though students never complained, they could still notice how difficult it was for them to take classes in such extreme weather conditions. Determined to get provide a roof over students’ heads, SKCF began looking for options and funds. As a result of this hard work and determination, SKCF has successfully rented a centre with every basic facility! Our NGO in Delhi now has an office and proper classes for these tiny tots. It will help students study with full concentration without worrying about the weather.


So, SKCF’s new centre and this dream school consist of the following: 

  1. MAIN CLASSROOM where students have their classes in batches. The classroom has beautifully painted walls. It is well equipped with proper lights, carpets, and fans in all four corners. A huge whiteboard has been installed on the wall for better teaching and learning processes along with a podium for the teacher. 
  1. THE STUDY ROOM /LIBRARY consists of all the relevant books for our students. It is equipped with huge tables and multiple chairs for the students. Thus, kids can also seek the refuge of their free school to study in silence during exam days. 

AN OFFICE where different discussions and official meetings are held. SKCF is not just an NGO in Delhi, it is where the future of over 150 students is getting shaped. This office is for the purpose of ideation and decision-making.


SKCF wants to create the best environment at this dream school for underprivileged children. Our NGO will keep on working to provide education in the best possible ways to these students. It aims to give wings to every student’s dreams. SKCF aims to impart education to every child who can not dream of going to school. This dream school could never have been fulfilled without the support of everyone who believed in this dream.


Visit Our Journey page to relive the moments of the past.


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