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~ Madhushekhar and Harshitaa

Earth is our home and nature is our mother. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, humans have begun to destroy nature in the name of development. And in human history of development, the creation of plastic revolutionized the manufacturing sector. 

Plastic is very easy to create and use. Also, it is very cheap when compared with many other materials. One decisive advantage of plastic over other materials like paper is that we don’t have to cut down the trees. Even with these many advantages plastic usage became a curse to human society. It takes hundreds of years for nature to break down. And remains of plastic will last in the soil for millions of years. And also due to humans’ irresponsibility, plastic has begun to take over the earth’s precious water and natural resources like oceans and forests. 

Hence, we are always told to avoid plastic. The harmful effects of plastic on the environment are quite visible but at times we find ourselves stuck in the web of its advantages. With the widespread prevalence of plastic everywhere, it is almost impossible to eliminate its usage. So, how can we, as an individual, reduce our plastic usage? SKCF brings you some viable alternatives! 



Plastic bottles are harmful and pollute the environment. Only one out of the 20 plastic bottles disposed of gets recycled. This Startup is making products such as paper bottles. A plastic bottle is made from high-density or low-density plastic. They are typically used to store liquids such as water and soft drinks.  Products that we use every day – shampoo, toothpaste, and house cleaners add more plastic to the environment. Kagzi Bottles is a start-up in the city of Noida, which has found a way to store these items in bottles made out of biodegradable paper waste. After years of research, the company produced a plant-based material that creates a membrane over the paper. This means that the bottle is durable and there is cent per cent no leakage.


Beco India is a startup company that provides biodegradable products. The company aims to reduce the usage of plastic products in various domains.

And promote the usage of eco-friendly products. The products are affordable to buy. 

Most of the products are cent per cent natural and plant-based. 

Some of their products include bio garbage bags, organic paper, Beco reusable kitchen towels and so on. Check out their site to know more!

ECO AND BASICS[email protected]?v=1605089445

Eco Basics by White Magic aims to provide biodegradable products for essential cleaning and storage for daily usage. This company aims to make your home more sustainable with its affordable, low-cost range of products. Stephanie is the owner of this company. Their only vision is to inspire people to use non-plastic products and live a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Eco and Basics provide a variety of environmentally friendly products such as razors, kitchen stuff, laundry and beauty products.


Despite having so many advantages, the production of these materials is very costly. And many companies and governments are trying to change their policies. An integrated approach is needed to solve the plastic crisis around the world. The UN passed many resolutions regarding this issue which are still needed to be practised. Governments need to encourage their people and increase the awareness about environmental pollution due to plastic usage and make policies regarding the prohibition of plastic. Then we can achieve sustainable development and can save our planet.

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